Secret Future Workshop

Create a Secret Box for your Hopes and Dreams
A weekend or five-day workshop with Suzanne Benton

Take charge of your life with self-created symbols and stories in this process-oriented workshop of personal focus and transformation. You will experience imagery, improvisation and sharing techniques that will help you to define and deepen your values and express your hopes and dreams for the future. The structure, design and decoration of your simple to make Secret Future Box will then effortlessly take its unique form. This is a hands-on creativity workshop that taps into archetypal legacies and the processes of self-discovery. Guided imagery and journaling help unfurl and clarify your life story, bringing you deeply into your inner wisdom where you can decide what to retain and what to shed in your life. Group exercises stimulate your concentration as you create the shapes, symbols and writings to place in your
self-created secret box.

Symbolic objects touch the root of consciousness and are traditionally preserved and revered. In this spirit, we seal our personal boxes at the close of the workshop. They are to remain closed until a future date chosen by its creator. In the interim, the box and its hidden messages become gentle reminders of our cherished values. Participants bring personally selected materials for stitching, joining and coloring. Some materials will be provided, and a supply list will be sent to bring to the workshop.

Secret Future Workshop

Mask & Storytelling Workshop

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Printmaking Without A Press

 2-DAY WORKSHOP                               

Saturday & Sundays 10am-4pm

 Students learn, experiment and practice printmaking-without-a-press using inking, line, painterly, and stencil techniques to create a series of monoprints. We use oil-based etching inks and printmaking plates made of Plexiglas and acetate, Stencil-raised plates can be fixed or re-positioned for multi-colored prints with and without registration. Available and easy to make tools will work the pressure. Chine collé will be taught. Picasso’s rinsed prints technique will be discussed. Teaching methods feature demonstrations, examples of hand pressed prints, and dialogue with and between students. Students create a variety of prints and gain an abiding knowledge of printmaking.

Suzanne Benton, an international recognized printmaker, sculptor and performance artist, creates artworks drawn from myth, history, literature and legend. Her signature monoprints speak of a cultural outreach spanning 29 countries. Honored with numerous artist residencies and grants, such as a Fulbright (India) and artist-residency at Harvard University. Benton has exhibited in 150+ solo shows. Her work is collected worldwide. She is and has been listed in various Who's Who’s (in America, of American Women, and of American Artists.


Mask & Storytelling Workshop
Weekend or five-day experience with Suzanne Benton

The essence of mask is transformation. Behind the mask, we suspend disbelief, become bold, see uncertainties as creative possibilities, and experience leaps of faith that allow long-held stories to be voiced. In the shelter of the mask our identities expand; stirring performances of our tales emerge; we reach personal depths that expand our capacity for expression. Whether realistic, extreme, or minimalistic, a mask marks a separation from the ordinary world. We’re all subject to its hypnotic power, its stylized beauty and otherworldliness. Since ancient times, masks have mirrored, taught, and given authenticity to cultural beliefs, values, religion, and ritual. They epitomize history, myth, and psychology as they explore both our personal stories and our fantasies.

Masking is a universal language that communicates beyond cultures and time. Suzanne Benton will share some of her masks, her stories of how masks connect us with people all over the world, and present a sampling from her repertoire of Mask and Ritual Tales. We will create masks with a mix of papers, flowers, wire, twine, felt markers, bark, fabric, string, wood, thin metal, feathers and glitter using scissors, staplers, glues and more.

By experiencing the physical and spiritual dimensions of these masks, we also explore body movement and improvisation as we narrate the form of a story that has relevance to our own lives. The masks have a way of centering a person and giving a sense of protection in a way that encourages giving and receiving from the center. With these masks, a thousand faces emerge and grow as people involve themselves and experience a self-unfolding. The role of the mask may be larger than you have imagined. The non-verbal presence of the mystical embodiments of spirit reveal a depth that stretches beyond anything we have yet imagined.

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Printmaking Workshops:

Printmaking Without a Press

Large Prints from a Small Press


Large Prints From a Small Press
September 5 -7, Friday through Sunday, 10 am - 4 pm.
This lively workshop explores monoprinting methods that defy the size limitations of small and not so small presses. Participants create painterly and stencil-raised plates that can be fixed or repositioned. Chine collé techniques will expand the range of imagery and color in the one-of-a-kind prints. Rinsed prints will be demonstrated.

SUZANNE BENTON is an internationally recognized printmaker, sculptor and performance artist who finds inspiration in world mythology, history, literature and legend. A former Fulbright Scholar (India), recipient of many grants, artist residencies, and hostings by the cultural arm US Embassies, she's shared her multi-faceted work throughout the States and worldwide in 30 countries. Her recent body of monoprints with Chine collé draws upon the paintings referenced in Proust’s lengthy novel, Remembrances de temps perdu.