Cosmic Order

monoprint with Chine collé, 27 1/4 x 20 1/8 inches

Seasoned, monoprint with Chine collé, 27 1/2  x 20 3/4 inches


monoprint with Chine collé, 27 1/2 x 20 inches

Monoprints with Chine Colle

Suzanne Benton began her unique style of monoprint-making (one-of-a-kind prints) with Chine colle (glued paper collage) in 1983 while a resident artist in Koln, Germany.

In her art-working world travels, series draw on Indian, Hebrew, Medieval and Turkish miniature and manuscript painting; South Asian Folk Art; Korean Lore & Legend; The Renaissance; Russian Icons; Greek mythology; 19th Century Women Writers, 19th century Educators and Feminist Activists; North and West Africa; Afro-Americans; Native Americana. and most resently, From Paintings in Proust. She also works with family portraits and landscape imagery.

The artist works on her 30 by 50 inch Charles Brand press. The colle; papers are hand-made, pre-inked and hand-painted.
Collagraphic printing plates are inked individually for each print, and emboss a complex and rich texture onto the prints.
Images and colle papers are dusted with an archival book-binding glue and placed face down on the plate. The collage papers adhere to the sheet of etching paper as the plate and paper are run through the etching press. The resultant monoprints range in size from quarter to extra large printmaking paper.

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Green Silence

monoprint with Chine collé, 17 7/8 x 13 1/2 inches

                "Benton offers us icons of conscience to contemplate and consider and hold up to our world.

              We thank her for the beauty and vision she shares with us."      


                                                                   Sheldon Hurst, Director, Visual Arts Gallery, Queensbury, NY